4 levels – Roma – from December 7th 2016 to January 3rd 2017

Roma Palazzo Velli Expo piazza Sant’Egidio 10 trastevere, from December 7th 2016 to January 3rd 2017 – every day h. 10.00/22.00 opening 6th December h. 18.00

Andrea Chisesi was born in Rome in 1972. In 1998 he opened his own studio “Andrea Chisesi photographer” in Milan, where he worked mostly as a photographer, but also start to experiment the technique which himself will define“Fusion” between painting and photography. After 10 years he opened his painting atelier in via Piranesi in Milan, only in 2013 he moved to Siracusa where he works, exhibits his works in his own atelier.




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