Saligia in Taormina – former Church of the Carmine June 18 to 20 August 2017

Taormina, a centre of tourism known all over the world, proudly presents Andrea Chisesi’s solo exhibition called “SALIGIA”. It is the acronym of the seven capital vices in Catholic culture and the art works find their perfect collocation inside the desecrated church “Ex-Chiesa del Carmine”, these days a cultural space. In the niches of the church “del Carmine” Chisesi’s exhibits
talk to us about the human weakness through the vice and the historical events the grand masters have told us about. An extraordinary interpretation is borne through the mix of classical and contemporary aspects, the “fusions” as the artist likes to define them, find support in Dante’s cantos that still today find a clear reading of the sin subordinated to the vice, which represents humanity. The stiles that obviously appear different strengthen the genetic code of emotions. Dante and Amy Winehouse converse with each other between vice and virtue, between wisdom and easiness, in order to present us with a reflection about the direction of future generations. I would like to thank association cultural TraOrmina Forum from the department of arts and culture for having strongly supported the cultural event “SALIGIA”, proposed by the Andrea Chisesi Atelier.

Eligio Giardina
Mayor of Taormina