Street Home Naples 06.02 – 28.02.2020

Naples, images, contaminations from the road to the house.

The artist Andrea Chisesi celebrates the city of Naples through classic sculptures.

The exhibition, dedicated to the origins and history of the city, is a tribute to a metropolis in continuous evolution but with firm roots between myth and reality, it will present works that intend to propose an itinerary from the roots to the modernity of contemporary Neapolitan culture. All the works, carried out through his “fusions”, made with paintings, photographs and paper inserts of posters collected in the street, testify to the city life, tell through the sculptures present in the museum’s poles of the city the magnificence over the centuries. “The light and the colors that are told in the streets of Naples, the stratifications, the most varied materials and colors, such as paper, plaster, cement or wood on which you can read the sign of time, seasons, loves, in the works of street art that overlapping and fading day after day escape the disinterested or inexperienced eye become fragments of images that tell better than many words or a single image a cross-section of city and life – says Andrea Chisesi – I want to capture, select and merge this woven with my subjects, people and characters that are part of this city from the street urchin to San Gennaro. ”

At the Italian Cultural Institute, Hermann-Schmid-Str. 8, 80336 München

Opening hours: Monday – Thursday: 10-13 and 15-17; Friday: 10 am-1.30pm Entrance: Free

Organized by: Italian Cultural Institute München. Curated by Anna Conti and Marcella Damigella

In collaboration with: Forum Italia e.V., Società Materiarte s.r.l.s.