TEMPORA VATIS 26.09.2020 | 01.03.2021 Il Vittoriale degli Italiani – Gardone Riviera Italy

Chisesi pays homepage to d’Annunzio There will also be a “secrete room”.

The Tempora Vatis exhibition, a true tribute to the inimitable life of d’Annunzio, curated by Marcella Damigella, opens on Saturday 26 September at the Vittoriale degli Italiani in Gardone Riviera (BS). Set up in the halls of Villa Mirabella – one of the buildings of the Vittoriale degli Italiani complex where d’Annunzio hosted the artists of the Vittoriale factory – the exhibition will remain on display until March 1, 2021.

Taking advantage of the temporal link between the fragments of the press and the life of d’Annunzio, Andrea Chisesi has decided to tell the seasons of the life of the poet in this way, transposing the famous photographs of the most significant moments of his life – including private ones – on the prepared canvases with his matrem (white brushstrokes that refer to nature), and with which he shows us how extraordinary the lifestyle of the Commander was, today wrongly defined as “decadent”.

For the occasion, the exhibition catalog will be produced, with texts by the President of the Vittoriale degli Italiani, Giordano Bruno Guerri, and by the curator, Marcella Damigella. In addition to being printed, the catalog will be available on display in a digitable version, downloadable on your smartphone.

Tempora Vatis, in total 68 works including sketches, drawings and works on canvas, is presented in perfect horror vacui style (occupation of every available space); the exhibition offers the opportunity to witness the dialogue established between the artist and the poet in an intimate itinerary specially designed for Villa Mirabella.


The so-called “Secret Room”, a sort of wunderkammer, but with red lights, full of surprises, completes the exhibition itinerary of Tempora Vatis.

In this space, in addition to a further series of works, an installation consisting of small doors, complete with handle and lock, will be placed. Almost as if they were miniature rooms, behind each door there will be a small “fusion on paper”, dedicated to love rites and visible only from the keyhole. Peering at the image from the forum, at that moment the visitor cannot help but feel a bit of a voyeur, who has chosen to spy on the small-format works of Chisesi, but protected by a small wooden wall and a century of false respectability.


Born as a professional photographer, son of art, and raised between color palettes and sculptures, Andrea Chisesi began painting at a very young age, later deciding to merge his two passions, painting and photography.

The Matrem that evoke D’Annunzio’s panism, the reinterpretation of nature through brushstrokes of white, flowers, leaves, circles and dripping water that cover the old newspapers and create temporal fissures.

Andrea Chisesi – TEMPORA VATIS 26.09.2020 | 01.03.2021 curated by Marcella Damigella
Opening Saturday 26.09.2020, 5:30 pm
Vittoriale degli Italiani, Via al Vittoriale 12-Gardone Riviera (BS) Open everyday (except Mondays in Novembre, December, January, February and on 24-25 December and 1 January) from 9 to 19 (until4.10) and from 9 to 16.45(from05.10.2020 to 12.03.2021) Entrance free
Catalog with texts by Giordano, Bruno Guerri, Marcella Damigella
Production: Materiarte