Dripping / How the fireworks are made?

“The fires are my fondest memory as a child when my father took me to my grandparents in Palermo for the holidays.
I remained fascinated by the explosion of colours and the fireworks that I had never seen in Milan”. Fire is life itself, continues Andrea, the moment, the cycle, repeats itself perpetually. Life, as an artifice, amazes you and leaves you amazed, it is the instance of the maximum extension of the explosion, it is the dynamism of the colours that reverberate on the skin. The moment you see its peak, it’s full splendour, the fire has already turned off and is over, as life. In Andrea’s work, with every fire there is the man, the couple, the family or the people, people who assist the artifice of their life together. In the realisation of the fire he prepares the background with the colours of the night, where he begins to paint the canvas with the technique of dripping, the sketches white because light is white, then come manipulations of colour and then defines the other parts. Other fires are white, red or black, the subject is the focus, his masterly ability to calibrate the fall colour on the canvas and the density of matter, are the blatant ability of Andrea to dominate the drop, from defining the centre of the fire, building up drop on drop and it’s intangible dimensions from the nucleus to the aurora.